Sunday, 7 January 2018
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Indian Man 'put his hands down sleeping female passenger's pants

On Wednesday, an Indian traveler Prabhu Ramamoorthy got captured after the plane arrived at Detroit Metropolitan Airport on the charges of sexually mishandling a 22 years of age lady by placing hands in her jeans and opening the catches of her shirt while she was dozing against the window. 

According to the reports from Detroit Free Press, the lady said that she woke up after the denounced was putting his "fingers in her (privates) and overwhelmingly moving them" yet he halted when she got alert. 

Prabhu has additionally told the FBI operator that he may have opened the casualty's bra and furthermore unfastened her jeans and endeavored to touch her reproductive organs. 

This all happened when Ramamoorthy was going with his better half. The lady was perched on the window side while Prabhu was sitting between the lady and his better half.