Wednesday, 3 January 2018
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Use this ligth weight google maps on android

Following the dispatch of the Android Oreo Go,for passage level cell phones as posted already at confirmed tricks,Google is creating and presenting some light form applications out of its current applications called the Go applications which offer nearly a similar utility of its parent app,but have low size and devour less memory,Google has presented another application yesterday 'Google Maps GO' in spite of the fact that this application is recorded at the playstore ,however it is non downloadable for the telephones running ordinary android version,and not the 'Android Oreo GO' OS.

In order to begin ,initially head to the Google Chrome browser on your mobile,and copy paste the link below ,into the address box,


Once pasted click enter, and let the website load,
Once the site loads ,click on the three dots from top right corner ,besides the address bar and select the ‘Add to home screen’ option
Add it to your phone and you will have the Maps Go app on your phone,click on it any time to access the light weight Maps Go app.

The light version of the Google maps app is Designed to run smoothly on devices with limited memory and on unreliable networks without compromising speed to provide your location, real-time traffic updates, directions, and train, bus, and city transit information, You can even search and find information about millions of places, such as phone numbers and addresses.